The project came into existence in late 2016 by Wilkin F. also knows as Tom Hagen. This artist has been a longtime fan of electronic music. Collecting extraordinary machines of musical creation, he acquired an extensive experience in record label creation and management of BlackWallRecord. After an experience with their own label (BlackWallRecord), they decide to create another one known as ArpKord Records.
Referring unequivocally to an Electronic musical universe, the name of the label is an invitation to cross to the other side of a new mood discovering a universe totally different. Exploring this new wave to a special label with many songs while constantly in search of unconventional and conventional electronic sounds. The label is not only a stepping stone in the production of the artists from ArpKord Records. Outside Belgium, ArpKord Records is getting ever more enriched by external collaborations; a dozen artists from different musical backgrounds and countries (USA, France, Italy, Switzerland...)
Are currently participating in ArpKord productions."



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