History of Labels

The driving force behind our trio is passion, dedication and constant improvement in music production.


Exploring this new wave to a special label with many titles while constantly in search of unconventional and conventional electronic sounds. The label is not only a stepping stone in the production of the artists from ArpKord Records.Outside Belgium, ArpKord Records is getting ever more enriched by external collaborations;

a dozen artists from different musical backgrounds and countries (USA, France, Italy, Switzerland…)

are currently participating in ArpKord productions.”As a next step, we would now like to perform at major festivals.In brief, we are two complementary minds who want to bring a fresh, heavy and melodiousµ minimal techno to our Belgian origins trough modern compositions,

live performances and visual shows.Putting a progressive touch in every of ou show. Likewise, we focus on delivering a brilliant and colorful music journey to purists and fans to escape life for one night.

If you want to join us or share information and build relationships. People can connect..