1AKR025 - Under LicenSe - 888 (Original Mix)
2AKR025 - Hansm - Chocolate (Original Mix)
3AKR025 - Tom Hagen feat Nynah - Dark Time (Original Mix)
4AKR025 - Audio Cycles - Deep Blue (Original Mix)
5AKR025- Surg - Drum Games (Original Mix)
6AKR025 - Tom Hagen - Ethoxylation (Original Mix)
7AKR025 - Conm - Galaxy (Original Mix)
8AKR025 - Kento (BE) - Native Daughter (Original Mix)
9AKR025 - Julian Parity - Omega (Original Mix)
10AKR025 - Rafael Natal - Revolution (Original MIx)
11AKR025 - Fleur (BE) - Soul Escape (Original Mix)


It’s time for Flight One to open its second chapter.
Our first release of 2020!
On this compilation, you’ll get to discover 4 news artists who recently joined the Arpkord family: Under License, Kento (BE), Hansm and Sedsurg.
Of course, you’ll also find your favourite Arpkord artists such as Audio Cycles, Conm, Fleur, Julian Parity, Rafael Natal, Tom Hagen.
Flight one part 2: Techno, Lofi, Minimal, Underground, Progressive.
Enjoy this great mix of electronic music flavours!


AKR025 – Under LicenSe – 888 (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Hansm – Chocolate (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Tom Hagen feat Nynah – Dark Time (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Audio Cycles – Deep Blue (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Surg – Drum Games (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Tom Hagen – Ethoxylation (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Conm – Galaxy (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Kento (BE) – Native Daughter (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Julian Parity – Omega (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Rafael Natal – Revolution (Original Mix)

AKR025 – Fleur (BE) – Soul Escape (Original Mix)



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